Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where can I learn to fly?
  2. How can I get a portable facility to my location?
  3. Will the Wind Tunnel help my freefall skills?
  4. Where can I buy one of these?
  5. Do you sell Bodyflight Facilities?
  6. How can I get my business listed on
  7. I'm looking for a tunnel NOT listed on your site,
    can you help?
  8. What is a Tunnelrat?

1. Where can I learn to fly?

There are a variety of suitable locations world wide to help you experience the thrill of flying in a vertical wind tunnel. Many of them offer training for beginners and advanced students.  Some facilities simply offer a brief encounter with the wind where you are held over/inside of the column of air with instructors at your sides. Please refer to the Wind Tunnel page for more information on the locations we feature here at the Bodyflight Network.

2. How can I get a portable facility to my location?

In most cases its simply a matter of having a suitable location and the venue and budget to accommodate a portable facility. Many charge per location, figuring in cost of travel, duration of stay, and many overhead costs we won't get in to, but some are for rent at reasonable 'corporate' rates. In order to find one for your location, please visit and select Services.

3. Will the Wind Tunnel help my freefall skills?

It is undoubtably a quality tool in improving the quality of your freefall. If you just do the math, you realize that you can fly thousands of hours in a wind tunnel but only a fraction of that if you do it skydiving. In essence, you could become a master bodyflier in the tunnel, but bodyflight is only 1/3 of the challenge of skydiving.  Canopy skills, and awareness are also skills you must master. Once you know how to fly with confidence, you will be left with the awareness needed to become an excellent skydiver.

4. Where can I buy one of these?

There are many companies who offer the ability to build a V.W.T. for you.  "Custom Design",  "State of the Art" "Hyper" & "Xtreme" are words thrown around in today's marketing wars.  New companies, some with experience & some without, get their start every day. We have created this Bodyflight Network in order to present you with the most comprehensive information available in today's market.  We believe that information, honesty and good business are the keys to success. You can find a great many tunnels for comparison, and for our personal recommendations visit Bodyflight Network's Sister Site for New & Used Vertical Wind Tunnel Sales.

5. Do you sell Bodyflight Facilities?

Not here at Bodyflight Network.  Visit Bodyflight Concepts at for sales information on portable and stationary vertical wind tunnels. We have a very small and growing client base of industry participants both new and experienced.  Collectively we have consulted on dozens of facilities World Wide beginning in the 1980's and continue to participate in the growth of this sport.

6. How can I get my business listed on

Getting listed on our site is a simple for Wind Tunnels. Join Bodyflight Network as a tunnel owner by registering here.  If your not a VWT but have a business related to VWT's please visit our Directory and signup to have your link included free of charge. If you have a business other than a Vertical Wind Tunnel and would like to add your site to ours, please visit our advertising opportunities page.

7. I'm looking for a tunnel NOT listed on your site.

Most likely the tunnel you are looking for doesn't exist.  Many times facilities are advertise that never come to existence. Otherwise, perhaps no one in our network are aware of the facility, and they have made no contacts in the industry yet.
If your looking for a tunnel that is not capable of sustaining human flight we recommend: html
If your looking for a tunnel that is no longer operational and not listed on our site visit

8. What is a "Tunnelrat"?

A Tunnelrat is an individual who flys in vertical wind tunnels, AND is NOT limited to performing well in only 1 or 2 types of facilities. A bonafide Tunnelrat can visit ANY vertical wind tunnel and perform the same maneuvers, no matter what type of tunnel, and no matter the quality of the airstream. A Tunnelrat, continually challenges his or her skills in a variety of environments, trying different suits, different wind tunnels and ultimately has a well rounded mind-set about bodyflight.

Glossary of Frequently Used Terms

Common Tunnel Names and Industry Acronyms

SV - SkyVenture a VWT Manufacturer
SVO - SkyVenture Orlando
SVP - Skyventure Perris
SVAZ - SkyVenture Arizona
SVCO - SkyVenture Colorado (also SVC)
SVNH - SkyVenture New Hampshire
FLV - Flyaway Las Vegas (also FALV is sometimes used)
FPF - Flyaway Pigeon Forge (also FAPF is sometimes used)
AAC - Appalachian Amusement Center
L-1 - VWT model used at AAC
VWTC - Vertical Wind Tunnel Corporation, a VWT Manufacturer

Flying Terms & Group Nicknames

Potato Chip - an unstable involuntary movement common to beginner flyers just learning stability
Belly Flying/RW -
Freefly -
Freestyle -
Tunnel Flyer -
Tunnelrat -
SkyVenture Rat -
Las Vegas Tunnel Rat -
TPM - Tunnel Pink Mafia (also PMT pink mafia tunnel and formerly PMTS pink mafia tunnel sisters)

Tunnel Flying Maneuvers

Inverted T
Delta T
Inverted Delta T
Barrel Roll
Sit Split
Head Down
Head Down Spin
Inverted Head Spin
The Jesus Maneuver aka The Suiter
The Henderson
The Pinyon Spin aka Around the World
Death Spin
Head Dive
Frontflip Backflip
Playin the Record
Hip Thru

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